Jessica May

Living Labs Coordinator

Name: Jessica May
Hometown: Corbin, KY
College University: Union College
HealthCorps Placement: Davis, OK
Fun Fact: I love to spin fire!

Jessica wants to live in a world where
peace and health are normal and accepted.

As a Living Labs Coordinator at HealthCorps, she’s
finding creative ways to get students excited about adapting healthier habits.

Her favorite part about working for HealthCorps is
the opportunity to have a positive impact, rather it is to one person or several.

A native of Corbin, KY, she graduated from Union College in 2019.

Jessica is most proud of how amazing and supportive her family is of her and gaining her college degree.

When she is not reading a book or listening to music, you can find her walking her dog or on a hike.

Jessica’s craziest dream/ aspiration is to travel around the world to help those in need as a psychologist.


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