Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer, Metagenics; President, Metaproteomics

Jeffrey S. Bland, an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field for over 25 years, is Chief Science Officer of Metagenics and President of Metaproteomics. Headquartered in Gig Harbor, WA, the companies are leaders in the development of medical foods. Dr. Bland originally founded HealthComm International, Inc. in 1985, which merged with Metagenics, in 2000. Dr. Bland also established the internationally-respected Institute for Functional Medicine to train health practitioners globally in the application of nutritional and functional medicine. He is one of the four original founders of Bastyr University in Washington State, the first federally accredited university in the United States offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in natural medicine. With his highly regarded seminar series on science-based nutrition and health, Dr. bland continues to focus on providing practical education to healthcare professionals worldwide.


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