Colette Heimowitz, M.Sc.

VP Nutrition & Education, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.

Colette Heimowitz, M.Sc. works directly with medical professionals, health influencers and consumers to educate them about the Atkins Nutritional Approach® as a sustainable lifestyle. She led the formation of the Atkins Nutritionals Science Advisory Board. In collaboration with the Science Advisory Board, she provides up-to-date educational tools to help consumers successfully achieve their weight-loss and weight management goals. Heimowitz currently acts as Vice President of Nutrition & Education at Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. She has 20-plus years of experience as a nutritionist, which includes the time she spent with Dr. Atkins as Director of Nutrition at The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine. Heimowitz is involved in the medical community, keeping up with the latest research and meeting other experts in the field. She sits on the Science Advisory Board at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, is the chair of The Obesity Society Corporate Healthcare Advisory Council Science subcommittee and a Corporate Advisory Board member of the University of Missouri’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Additionally, she is a member of the Industry Nutrition Advisory Panel of the American Heart Association. As a nutrition expert, she has been featured on national television networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC. Heimowitz regularly contributes to the media and also on Atkins.com. She earned her Masters of Science (M.Sc.) from Hunter College in New York, New York.


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