Blaire Hirt

Workshop Coordinator

Blaire wants to live in a world where anyone can have access to safe housing, healthy foods, and an outstanding education.

As the coordinator at HealthCorps, she’s instilling confidence in her schools’ staff and students to make healthy choices in their everyday lives.

Her favorite part about working for Healthcorps is knowing that students are excited to learn about nutrition, fitness, and mental resilience. When her students see her around campus they ask lots of questions on how to make healthier choices.

A native of South Florida, she graduated from The University of South Florida in 2016 and now is working towards her master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University. She worked as a community program coordinator at an emergency domestic violence shelter for a year while also finishing college. She loved helping people get through tough times. The best part was going into kindergarten and preschool classes in the local community to teach a violence prevention program.

Blaire is most proud of being able to finish college, work full-time, and complete a half marathon all within six months.

When she’s not spreading the Healthcorps mission to everyone she meets, you can find her working out at the gym or baking healthier versions of delicious treats at home.

Blaire’s craziest dream is to help children and adolescents of all ages become healthier people so our future generations have a foundation of wellness to carry them throughout life.


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