Amy Hendel

Website Health Content Editor and Blogger

Amy Hendel, the HealthCorps website health content editor and blogger has a background as a Physician Assistant, nutritionist, health coach and journalist. She has an extensive media background as an on-air health reporter, health expert, health talk show host and consultant. With a focus on lifestyle and obesity, she brings her extensive background to HealthCorps, keeping her eye on trending health and lifestyle topics and research that warrant coverage in the blog center.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Ms. Hendel is a graduate of the L.I.U.-Brooklyn Hospital P.A. program, and worked for several years as a Physician Assistant, first in the V.A. system in Brooklyn N.Y. and then in Los Angeles at a small community hospital. After her transition to media and journalism, she worked for KCBS (Los Angeles), KEYT/ABC Santa Barbara, PBS and Westwood One. She has hosted numerous public health campaigns for companies including Pfizer, Tropicana Orange Juice, Kraft, Dial, 3M among others. She was a health expert for iVillage and NBC, and has been featured on Today, The Early Show, Access Hollywood Live, The 700 Club as well as other national and local news and talk shows. Among her many current projects, she also writes for Remedy/HealthCentral a health and wellness patient-focused website.

Ms. Hendel, who’s also known as The HealthGal, is probably most proud of the book she’s written, The 4 Habits of Healthy Families (BenBella Books 2010) which offered a simple comprehensive template for families to work together as a team, improving lifestyle habits and battling obesity from a family-centered approach. She is delighted to have been part of HealthCorps for several years, as a freelance writer focused on the platform of teen health and wellness, which personally relates to her own successful battle with obesity, as a teen. As a wife and mother of two, she is also proud of intercepting her own family history of obesity, successfully “coaching” her own kids to be healthy young adults, fully engaged with healthy lifestyle habits.

When she’s not doing research, writing or practicing as a health coach and media expert, you can find Ms. Hendel kickboxing, hiking, reading horror novels, traveling (she’s bi-coastal), and investigating the many new trends in fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

When asked, “What’s your “craziest” aspiration,” Ms. Hendel replied, “I’d love to see childhood and teen obesity fully intercepted in my lifetime. I want to remain part of the team that helps to put the kibosh on this trend, and I’m convinced that HealthCorps will be a front and center contributor and leader in achieving this goal!


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