Staff Member of the Month: Mr. Edward Davis of Pelham Lab High School | December 2019

Posted 12/09/2019 | By HealthCorps

Name: Edward Davis
School / City / State: Pelham Lab High School / Bronx, New York
Subject / Programming:
High School Dean
Fun Fact: I was born in Frankfurt Germany.

Question #1: What is your role in your school?

To provide safety to all children in the building. Give advice on life and collaborate with administrators and teachers.

Question #2: What does “health” personally mean to you?

Health personally means everything to me. I was extremely overweight, and it was exercise and dieting that helped me lose weight.

Question #3: How do you encourage healthy living for your students in your programming, and how does HealthCorps support you?

We incorporate healthy living by choosing health options to make in cooking class with Ms. Rowe. She always helps with letting kids know about the sugar in soda and drinks that seems to always shock the kids. It promotes more healthy living and makes them gravitate to me and Ms. Rowe for more healthy tips.

Question #4: Why is it important for you to highlight health for your students, and how would you convince other educators to do the same?

It is important to highlight health to our students to fight childhood obesity. I would convince other educators to educate kids for alternative healthy options and give them the facts so it can become a school-wide message.

Question #5: What’s your dream / vision for your students and their future?

My dream for my students is to teach them healthy alternatives to sugar and become ambassadors to spread the word not only in schools but also in there neighborhoods. This will allow the word of mouth to spread about HealthCorps and the positive things they are doing to make the world not only a better place but a healthier one!!

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