Staff Member of the Month: Jennifer Beer of Newcastle High School | March 2020

Posted 03/23/2020 | By HealthCorps

Name: Jennifer Beer
School / City / State: Newcastle High School in Newcastle, OK
Subject / Programming:
 Principal of Newscastle High School

Question #1: What is your role in your school?

My main role in the school is to support our teachers and students so they can do their best work!

Question #2: What does “health” personally mean to you?

Health is different for everyone.  Personally, everyone should develop healthy lifestyles and exercise so that they feel their best.  Health not only incorporates diet and exercise but mental health as well. We live in a busy society that is driven by social media.  In order to maintain a good balance, I believe that students and teachers should limit the time they spend on social media and connect with others!

Question #3: How do you encourage healthy living for your students in your programming, and how does HealthCorps support you?

We are so blessed to have Miss Jendza with us.  She has been able to put a focus on healthy living for our students.  Unfortunately, like most public schools, we are understaffed, so adding her to our NHS Family has been a great addition to not only our students but for our staff as well.  She has hosted several fun events to get our students and staff moving and thinking about healthy eating!

Question #4: Why is it important for you to highlight health for your students, and how would you convince other educators to do the same?

I would encourage others to seek out opportunities to have a partnership with HealthCorps.  I have been very impressed with the support that we have been given.  It is important to highlight health for our students because if they aren’t healthy both physically and mentally, they can’t perform at their best! We have to take care of mental health before we can teach anything in the classroom.

Question #5: What’s your dream / vision for your students and their future?

My dream for all my students is to graduate from high school and live a bright and healthy future!


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