Spotlight on Yoga Across America

Posted 05/15/2014 | By HealthCorps

They are partners with HealthCorps and share common platforms and practices.  Yoga Across America aims to empower through yoga. Yoga Across America can be found in schools, military bases, parks, low-income communities, homeless shelters, children’s hospitals and in locations where people wouldn’t routinely have access to the practice of yoga or be able to afford it.

For students in particular, yoga helps them to make a deep connection with their body, mind, and spirit.  The practice can be deeply transformative. Why not give it a try? You can some of the Yoga Across America podcasts, by clicking here: http://www.yogaacrossamerica.org/drupal-7.0/yitc/podcasts. For more information on the organization, check out: http://www.yogaacrossamerica.org/

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