Spotlight on Somadome – Peace in a Pod

Posted 05/28/2014 | By HealthCorps

The dome-shaped enclosure looks a bit out of this world, and it uses cutting-edge science to integrate biofeedback, meditation, energy, healing and color therapy to provide stress reduction.  How long do you stay in the pod? On average, 20 minutes can provide effective stress management. Somadome is a company that provides pods that can help to reduce stress and provide a possible alternative to medication and with relatively little time commitment. They are starting to pop up in health settings, at health conventions and in other settings where stress reduction is the goal.

The design of the Somadome favors mostly organic and biodegradable compost-based materials. While lying inside the pod, the person has a sense of infinity – of feeling free from the confinements of time and space. It’s ergonomically designed to accommodate and support the person, with comfort in mind. The inspiration for the pod dates back to 1997, when the owner of Somadome was searching for a calm environment that would help to alleviate the inevitable life stressors that would temporarily overwhelm, despite a commitment to meditation and yoga. As a lawyer, Sarah Attia was challenged to find an accessible escape. And thus, the idea for the Somadome was born.

The Somadome was one of the featured experiences at the recent HealthCorps’ Savory Garden Gala. For more information on this extraordinary mini urban oasis, check out: http://www.somadome.com.

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