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Posted 02/08/2017 | By HealthCorps

If you’ve been following our efforts to raise awareness about organ donation, then you know that it’s easy to become an organ donor.  You can learn the basic facts about organ donation, and also gain insight into some of the myths about organ donation.  A past U.S. Surgeon General’s loss of not one, but two close relatives, inspired him to make the decision to let life spring from terrible loss.

At LifeCenter Northwest, the Cooper PJ Project was created when Cooper Rice, a two year old, gave the gift of life through organ donation, before passing away.  His mother’s only request was that, after the surgery to retrieve the organs designated for donation, he be dressed in his favorite pajamas.  The impact that felt by all involved led to a decision at the hospital, that all young donors be provided the same cozy transition.  The effort led to the formation of the Cooper PJ Project, a program that collects pajamas to dress pediatric organ donors.

At this year’s Rose Bowl Parade in California, the “Donate Life” Float dedicated to organ donors and recipients was a featured float.  The float represented the reality that out of tragedies can come something wonderful and unexpected.  In the case of Rachel Greenberg who lost her husband suddenly three years ago to a brain aneurysm, the decision to donate his organs touched the lives of 127 people.  The youngest was a four year old boy in Tennessee with severe abdominal burns, and the oldest recipient was a 94 year old man who received the gift of sight.  The float, a Polynesian catamaran, brought together families of organ donors and recipients who rode on the float.  On the float were 60 floral portraits of donors, including Greenberg’s husband Glenn.

Veronica Cosme lost her niece in a car accident and, weeks away from going on dialysis, became a recipient of a kidney from her young relative.  So she rode the float as both the relative of a donor, and as a recipient of an organ.

LiveOnNY also participated in the Donate Life Float, honoring Andrew Rivera, a donor who lost his life to a sudden massive stroke and who saved four lives thanks to the organs he pledged to donate.

There are countless other stories of special people who have donated organs and saved the lives of individuals of all ages.  Learn more about organ donation and consider signing up t be an organ donor.  It’s simple.

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