Some Great Ways to Serve Refreshing Watermelon

Posted 09/22/2015 | By HealthCorps

Watermelon is still in season and it’s one of the most popular warm-weather fruits. Here are some quick serving tips and a delicious watermelon salad recipe.

Serving tip ideas:

  1. Take a small round watermelon and halve it. Lay each half face down on a cutting board or rigid serving platter. Make cuts through the skin to halve it again, turn it and halve it again, turn it and halve it again , so you end up with “simple to pull out” pieces. Keeping the watermelon face down especially when serving it outdoors will also help to limit bugs.
  2. Cut traditional triangular watermelon slices from half a watermelon. Take individual slices and then cut out a section of the rind from each side of the bottom of each individual piece, leaving about a three inch “center stub,” so it looks like a Christmas tree. You now have a small handle to hold the watermelon and eat it. It will help take the messiness out of eating watermelon.

Watermelon and Berry Salad


1 bag of mixed greens
1 small box of blueberries, rinsed well
! small box of strawberries, heads cut off, cleaned, and sliced
1 small round watermelon, cubed with no skin, seeds removed
1 large cucumber, peeled, rinsed, sliced
4 grated carrots
½ lb. chopped walnuts
Basil for garnish
Balsamic vinegar


Mix the greens, berries, watermelon, cucumber and grated carrots in a bowl, and toss gently.
Lightly dress with balsamic vinegar to taste
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Garnish with torn basil leaves.

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