So What Are We Teaching Students?

Posted 08/22/2013 | By HealthCorps

You and your family can benefit from the HealthCorps’ lesson plans coordinators teach at schools across the nation.  One of the lesson plans helps teens to make better beverage choices.  To help the students understand just how much sugar is in their typical drink choices, they convert the “grams of sugar” on a label into “teaspoons of sugar.”  The visual of 12- 15 teaspoons of sugar in a soda can be quite shocking!

A discussion of “why” certain beverage choices are healthier helps students to evaluate selections.  Of course, there are a variety of reasons why someone, especially a teen, may not make healthy choices, so “barriers” to the healthier selection is a big part of the lesson plan.

The teens also get a chance to help an imaginary pair of teens make less caloric choices, by creating an actual list of “why you should select a healthier option,” utilizing the personal conclusions they’ve made with the help of the lesson plan.

This is an activity you can actually do with your own kids.  It may also help to inspire you to evaluate labels and to choose healthier options!

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