Small Changes can Fuel a Lifetime of Health

Posted 11/20/2014 | By HealthCorps

Coordinators get to see the changes in students, when the HealthCorps curriculum they teach begins to slowly intercept unhealthy teen habits. Even more rewarding, is when the students actually share habit changes with their coordinator, signaling that they realize the impact of the curriculum and the mentorship that coordinators provide. Here are just some of the recent comments students shared with their coordinator Hiba Abousleiman at North Bergen High School:

“I learned what foods have refined sugars, and what I should avoid while dieting. Yes, I have changed my diet and lost 13 lbs.”

“I have learned what foods to eat that are better. I’ve changed my way of eating.”

“I learned how many foods that I thought were healthy, were actually not. This class helped me fix my eating habits at least a little.”

“Soda is really bad for your health I learned in class. I use to drink a can a day of Dr. Pepper. Now I’ve stopped and drink more water.”

“One valuable lesson is eating healthy and going to the gym, and I’ve changed by attending the gym and changing my diet.”

“I watch what I eat and try to sleep more.”

“I wash my face every day. I only drink water.”

“[A lesson I’ve learned is to] always read the labels and nutrient facts on what we eat. I’ve learned to try to control my anger.”

“The lesson on sleeping habits stood out to me because now I try to (go to) sleep sooner.”

“A valuable lesson I’ve learned is about exercise. I love exercise and now I love it more. Something new I learned is about doing yoga or meditating if I am stressed. I started doing it and it’s really helpful. I do it every day, there’s not a day I don’t do it.”

“I have learned valuable lessons from my HealthCorps classes. I learned how to eat healthier and divide my plate to be colorful, how to sleep better/be relaxed, how to exercise, and more. Yes, I carry a water bottle with me all day, I drink (only) one cup of juice and soda, and eat breakfast more.”

(I’ve learned) “How to manage anger and stress to be (more) calm and enjoy life.”

“If you exercise and eat breakfast you’ll feel energized. Your day will be good and you will feel good all day.”

“To be more energetic and lively, I have started making smoothies with spinach, bananas, and peanut butter.”

“(I) Learned to not stress so much (and) exercise more and be more healthy.”

“I used the worksheet you gave us for (inspiring) the work out and I (try to) eat a little more nutritious (food).”

We are proud to share that HealthCorps is impacting the lives of teens…

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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