Our Second Year Coordinators Have Moved On

Posted 09/18/2014 | By HealthCorps

It’s never too late to say a formal good-by to 28 of our second-year Coordinators. They will be sorely missed. Here’s a snapshot of their next life adventure:

Ryan Fightmaster (pictured), ASTEC High School, Oklahoma City, OK will attend medical school in the fall at Oklahoma University.

Arielle Feldshon, Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School, New York, NY will attend American University Law School this fall.

Carlos Nugent, High School for Law and Public Service, New York, NY will begin a PH.D. program in Literature at Yale University this fall.

Jasmyne Jackson, Ginn Academy, Cleveland, OH is going to the University of Michigan Medical School this fall.

Hector Sanchez, Desert Mirage High School, Indio, CA will attend Cal Baptist University Sports Management Graduate Program this fall.

Sara Huddleston, Valley High School, Santa Ana, CA will attend Boston College School of Law this fall.

Emily Grant, Sunnyside High School, Fresno, California is serving as the Program Manager with International Studies Abroad based in Austin, TX.

Congratulations to all of our new alumni, and best of luck!

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