Scholastic Choices Highlights ASTEC Charter High School Students

Posted 09/03/2015 | By HealthCorps

Scholastic Choices magazine, the award-winning health and life skills magazine for teens, recently highlighted ASTEC Charter High School students in their Choices Changemakers series, which puts a spotlight on “teens who do amazing things in their schools and communities.” The story focused on HealthCorps coordinator, Megan Ling, and the ASTEC Student Wellness Club’s efforts to reduce waste and highlight simple, positive ways students can affect environmental impact efforts.

“Once a week, about a dozen students from ASTEC Charter High School in Oklahoma City, OK, give up spending their lunch period with friends to incite positive change in their school and community.

“The Student Wellness Club, as they are called, meets to plan and execute a variety of health initiatives under the guidance of HealthCorps Coordinator Megan Ling. HealthCorps is a nationwide non-profit organization created to combat obesity and foster physical and mental wellness among high-need populations.

ASTEC students’ past projects include local volunteer work and school-wide information booths, but their latest efforts were enough to make their entire school rethink an everyday behavior. …”

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