As every parent or guardian’s attention turns towards “back to school” and school districts grapple with in-person or online learning – one factor everyone can agree on is student and faculty health is paramount as we help our children through this pandemic.

As schools make the decision to physically open their doors and welcome students back, providing them with the tools they need to keep their students, faculty and personnel healthy is the first step towards keeping those doors open and inching our way back to “normal”.
Unfortunately, schools across the country are facing insurmountable budget cuts and families are reckoning with a depressing economy and record unemployment. Tools critical to school reentry are not financially available to our most vulnerable communities, a health and educational inequity we cannot stand for. In response, HealthCorps has developed a program to ensure that our kids remain safe and healthy as they head back to the classroom – in whatever form that may take. And you can help.

Safe Student Kit

Send a Safe Student Kit to a student at one of our participating HealthCorps Schools and a second kit will be sent for a classmate matched by a generous donor. That package includes:

• A connected thermometer
• Four (4) reusable masks
• HealthCorps Program Resources
• A school-wide program to monitor symptoms and protect from outbreak

HealthCorps has partnered with Kinsa to monitor for outbreaks and prevent the spread of illness with their connected thermometers and digital screening program that prompts daily fever and symptom screenings to ensure only healthy students go to school. If a fever or symptom is present, families are reminded to stay home and guided to seek appropriate care and treatment to get better faster. The addition of a face covering is known to significantly reduce transmission, especially critical for asymptomatic cases which scientists suggest could be increasingly relevant in young carriers of the virus. By equipping families with these simple tools, schools can feel more confident in their ability to reopen, and parents can feel safe sending their kids to school.

With your support, we will do our part to ensure students are healthy and able to learn this fall.

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