Sara Fadziewicz: A Unique Donor Story

Posted 01/31/2017 | By HealthCorps

Sara Calendar

Sara Fadziewicz created a unique fitness calendar and surprised HealthCorps with the proceeds this January!

Thank you, Sara!

What does being healthy mean to you

Living a healthy lifestyle is everything to me. I love seeing my body progress and I love feeling good. If you fuel your body with unhealthy means, and never workout it takes a toll on your body. You might not notice any difference until you start a healthier lifestyle, but once you see how good you can feel daily it becomes routine and not a “diet”.

What inspired you to be a fitness model?

I’ve been weight lifting since my early 20’s however, it wasn’t until I was 31 (2013)  that I started prepping for my first show. It was always one of those things I always was curious about doing but would talk myself out of it. I finally decided to do my first show and became addicted to the process. While I always ate healthy, this was the first time I manipulated my macros and eating habits in order to do the show. Its amazing what your body does once it gets the proper nutrition and workouts. After placing 13th (in a class with 30ish girls) it made me determined to get back to the gym and place better. In 2014 I won my Pro card with the WBFF and I can honestly say, that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. When I think of that day when my name was called out for Pro status I still get chills.

How did you come up with the idea for the calendar project?

I was brain storming with a few of my teammates in regards to projects we could do for Health Corps. The calendar came up, and when I realized I had enough resources to make it happen we started planning right away.

How did you learn about HealthCorps? What about HealthCorps attracted you to choose it as its recipient charity?

I found Health Corps online and was excited to pick this as our charity. I love what you are doing for our youth, nutrition education is HUGE especially because so many other there are misinformed. Having a place for kids to be active and learn how to many healthy choices is the best thing we can do for younger generations. I support your mission statement and want to help out as much as I can.

At HealthCorps we teach mental resilience in addition to physical strength and nutrition…how do you practice being mentally strong in times of stress?

I personally take my stress out in the gym. I use daily stresses to fuel my workouts, this helps me in turn let go of something that I might have no control over. I think its VERY important to find a healthy outlet for stress. Adults and kids alike, if you hold on to stresses this can lead to over eating and weight gain. Try and keep a positive attitude always, this will help you shrug off things that are uncontrollable.  Having someone turn to, and talk with is also necessary and important when it comes to dealing with stress.

The gym you train from is called Self Made Strength – what does that name mean? How do you relate to its name?

We did the calendar shoot at Self Made Strength, I personally don’t workout there daily but using a small business gym with core values of the calendar was important to me. Self made is exactly the outcome of any fitness routine. Its something only you can do, which is one of the reasons I love fitness. We are all equals when it comes to the gym, we all start in the same place and we can all achieve our goals in the same building.

Who is your health idol and why?

One of my favorite people in the body building world is Dana Linn Bailey. Not only does she look amazing but she also is a roll model. She’s a down to earth, real person and I love following her social media. I feel like there is so much “fake” out there on social media that gives people false impressions and sets them up for discouragement and disappointment. Keeping your platforms as real as possible gives people who follow you a real sense of how difficult weight loss/muscle gain is.

How do you get motivated on a day you don’t feel like working out?

Its the small things that can make you get off the couch and get motivated for the gym. For me, sometimes its as little as adding new songs to my play list, or excited to wear a new gym outfit. As you see results the motivation is always there, you see new muscles and it gives you the drive to get to the gym and continue your progress.

f you could tell teenage girls one thing about beauty, what would it be? Asked differently – what do you wish you had known about beauty

We are all beautiful in our own ways, just because someone else doesn’t think something is “cool” or trendy don’t be scared to be yourself. If there is something you like to do, wear, or be apart of then DO IT! Individuality is one of the most beautiful things about us, don’t be scared to try new adventures.. and don’t be scared to fail. Failing is how we learn to improve and be better people. Looking back at my own childhood I wish I could have been stronger when it came to teasing and bullies. I didn’t have my own outlet at the time and took a lot of it to heart, even if its just going for a jog to clear your mind finding a healthy outlet that you love doing is key.

Sara Fadziewicz

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