Sahaja Meditation Has Profound Impact on Students

Posted 02/01/2017 | By HealthCorps

Sahaja Meditation is a respected strategic, and National Curriculum Partner of HealthCorps since 2007.

Sahaja Meditation is an unique method of personal development, with a track record of producing profound changes and increasing mental resilience in high school students across the country. More than 25,000 students have experienced this form of meditation in our partnership with HealthCorps. It is now taught and practiced in over 100 countries worldwide.

Research shows that Sahaja Meditation leads to the alleviation of mental/attention issues (ADHD) and behavioral issues and emotional imbalances (depression, anxiety, stress) as well as physical ailments (from high blood pressure to asthma and others). With regular practice, students can benefit from a holistic improvement through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

As part of the HealthCorps curriculum, Sahaja Meditation helps coordinators in three main ways:

  • By teaching them how to run regular Sahaja meditations in schools
  • In certain areas, Sahaja volunteers visit schools to help and lead meditations
  • Sahaja Meditation experts often participate in the health fairs at schools

One of the reasons why HealthCorps has valued the partnership with Sahaja Meditation is because a program like Sahaja Meditation has incredible impact on our coordinators, students, teachers and other school professionals.  “The vast majority of students who attended the meditation sessions said how much they’d enjoyed it. This could bring about a fundamental change in how students relate to the outside world.” Ian F, Lower East Side Preparatory School, Manhattan,N.Y.  A librarian at another school found herself amazed at how receptive students were to the meditation practices, noting that “kids who can’t keep quiet for more than 30 seconds sat in deep meditation for ten minutes.”  Another school professional shared that the Sahaja Mediation seminar went so well, that students were clamoring to have more experiences.

Experts from Sahaja Mediation have shared that the challenges that many students face fall into a number of categories including depression, anxiety, anger, lack of focus, and generally feeling overwhelmed.  What is at the root of these experiences? From the perspective of Sahaja Mediation experts, they found that “most of these negative feelings or perceptions can be grouped into categories that correspond to the energetic components residing in every human being. Through the proper activation and balancing of appropriate energies via simple, natural yet highly effective meditation techniques, such issues can be addressed by bringing students back into a state of balance and inner peace. This process triggers over time, a transformation whereby students become more effective, confident and better focused in their studies. At the same time, they become more compassionate, forgiving, satisfied and happy in their outlook on life and their relationships with others.”

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