Sacramento Charter High School Joins Alliance For A Healthier Generation’s Schools Program

Posted 04/17/2013 | By HealthCorps

HealthCorps’ Coordinator Chrissy Knopp is helping Sacramento Charter High School to improve its health profile, by launching a variety of school wellness programs.  The school is unique because of its participation in Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools program and its implementation of the HealthCorps’ curriculum.

The HealthCorps’ monthly afterschool cooking class has been a hit, with more than 25 participants each month.  The teens are learning all about nutrition and healthy cooking, and whipping up delectable meals like black bean quesadillas, pumpkin pancakes and eggplant with almonds.

One cooking class trip took students to the Hyatt Regency Downtown Sacramento, where the lucky teens learned some neat cooking tricks from the Executive Chef.

Plans are also underway at the school to turn a courtyard into an Edible School Yard, with a garden that will provide students with a hands-on, empowering experience, as they learn to care for and cultivate fresh grown, edible plants, taking their bounty to the kitchen classroom.  HealthCorps’ Coordinator, Chrissy Knopp shared, “I have already seen how important these programs are to our students’ health and education.

As a HealthCorps’ Coordinator, I not only teach health in the classroom, but I also provide my students with opportunities to experience a healthy lifestyle through health events and afterschool clubs. I can see the positive and powerful impact the Healthy Schools Program and HealthCorps have on so many Sac High students.”  The students also realize the benefits.

Freshman Karina Magna said, “I look forward to going to cooking club all month. I learn so much about eating healthy and cooking.”

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