Rules to Keep the Weight Off, Once You Hit Goal Weight

Posted 11/08/2013 | By HealthCorps

You have finally hit your goal weight and now the hard work really begins.  So how do you keep the weight off?  Follow these sensible tips and you will more than likely remain within a close range of your goal weight.

Move every single day – You need to work out most days of the week.  Some days can have more extended and challenging workouts, while other days can involve a brisk walk, a game of tennis, a bike ride.

Muscle mass matters – You should work out with weights a couple to several times a week.  Having muscle mass ensures that you maintain a vigorous metabolic rate, which will help you to hold at that goal weight

Consider following a Mediterranean-style diet, regardless of the diet you used to lose the weight – This diet encourages a broad, tasty variety of food groups including healthy fats, healthy sources of protein, and small servings of treats.  When you are trying to maintain a specific weight, eating a diet that is satisfying is crucial.

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