Row, Row, Row Your Way to Better Fitness

Posted 08/12/2014 | By HealthCorps

Current exercise options that are trending include dance classes, circuit training, interval training, spinning, yoga and Pilates. The next hot trend that is set to hit is rowing.  It’s actually been around for quite a while, but its popularity appears to be increasing. It has the benefit of allowing you to sit and exercise, so it’s a good swap out for runners who need to alternate heavy running days with a complimentary workout. It also has excellent arm toning capabilities, which is probably fueling some of the heightened interest by women.

You can also now take it as a class, with gyms and studios across the country investing in multiple rowing machines for group fitness. The rower lends itself to interval training, as well as steady-state training.  You can either increase the rate or rowing, the resistance against which you row, or both to have a variety of workouts, and to keep increasing the challenge of the rowing workout.

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