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Posted 08/23/2012 | By HealthCorps

“I have a mom with diabetes, adult onset, and a dad with kidney failure, heart disease – how can I not lose weight with those risk factors in my family?”

“I am a late night eater and I know it – I drink alcohol calories and they add up – I react to my emotions with food therapy – my cardio exercise is not sufficient to counteract my appetite.”

“If I am honest with myself then I have to admit – I have been really unhappy with myself and my appearance for some time.”

“My weight is constantly on my mind, and I obsess over how I look to the audience, and if I’m not comfortable, then how can I make them comfortable? And as a comedian warming them up and representing America’s foremost health guru, just what message does my size send?”

“Most people might think that being overweight is a plus when it comes to comedy, but truthfully if you are not a weight extreme, it may actually hold you back from certain roles.”

“You know, weight is the only “condition” that seems to invite unwelcome comments.”

“I’m not sure I can take the weight off and keep it off, but losing 40 pounds in 5 months seems possible, and putting myself in front of others may be the key to success for me.”

“We all need to get honest and realize that many of us really are losing weight for someone else – maybe it’s so you can run with your kid, or be a more energetic and healthy spouse or to appear healthier and more presentable for a job – and we need to embrace that reality, because it’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s just the truth.”

Richie recognizes that because he is in a profession that involves showmanship, he may have more success losing weight, if he does it in front of others and with others participating. Comedians do take their sufferings and turn it into jokes, and once they joke about themselves and their failings the audience is more likely to accept jokes about others. So that performance value is now being translated by Richie into his weight loss journey. Richie is using the Weight Watcher’s Point System diet, and he is committed to continuing his daily 48 minute workout. He has started to post YouTube progress videos, and he is planning a big weight loss reveal in November at a Laugh While You Lose Event in New York City (more information to follow). It will be a night of comedy with special guests and all proceeds from this event will be donated to HealthCorps.

You can also join the Richie Byrne Weight Loss Project by making your own commitment to lose weight right along with Richie, and by making a donation in honor of this effort to HealthCorps.

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