Review: MediFast diet

Posted 03/08/2012 | By HealthCorps

This program, which has been around for close to 3 decades and only available through doctors, is a meal replacement program with shakes and more recently, almost 70 other meal replacement choices. You start on 5 shakes a day plus one meal that contains a lean protein, plus vegetables and/or salad. You are basically consuming about 800 to 1000 calories, so the diet was meant for extremely overweight or obese individuals, and the very low calorie count requires close medical supervision. Obviously you lose a lot of weight initially, and then weight loss progress slows while it continues.

Available in over 15,000 doctor’s offices nationwide, it is an affordable diet – about $330 per month plus the cost of the single meal. The program provides quite a bit of support, which is an element considered of paramount importance for any successful and sustained weight loss program. With the introduction of puddings, egg dishes, oatmeal, chili, bars and soups, which can substitute for shakes, you can now be on a very low calorie program that is not only a “liquid diet.” You are expected to prepare a “healthy meal,” meaning no frying, and have 1-3 servings of vegetables (non-starchy) with that portion of lean protein.

The challenge becomes introducing food when you hit goal weight and remaining “calorie rigid” so you don’t put the weight back on.

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