HealthCorps Saves Lives

Posted 04/10/2017 | By HealthCorps

American teenagers are crying out for help. They’re stressed.

They’re depressed.

They’re sedentary.

They’re using opiates.

They acutely feel the pressures of the world – more so than any generation before.

The most important thing we’re doing at HealthCorps is giving teens everyday tools that can save and enhance their lives.

We teach them how to save their mothers’ life if she’s having a heart attack – or save someone else’s life by donating their organs.

We teach them how to eat properly so they won’t develop cardiac disease and diabetes

We teach them to have conversations around addiction.

We teach them to take pride in their reflection – not only in the mirror but also on Instagram and snapchat – no matter how they look.

Through HealthCorps they learn to look at challenges in their lives as opportunities for growth and learning.


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