HealthCorps’ research shows how we deliver results

Every day HealthCorps works hard to improve the lives of countless teens. At the same time, our researchers are hard at work exploring what we do from a scientific perspective. What works well? How can we improve? Here’s some of what we have discovered over the years:

Decreased Soda Consumption


Declined 0.6 sodas per week or 13%

Increased Physical Activity & Knowledge of Healthy Behaviors


Physical Activity +36%
Health Knowledge +11%

Weight Loss

Benson High School – HealthCorps and FIT2LIVE&LEARN

Average loss of 5 lbs. and 1% body fat in 8 months


Increased Water Consumption

18% increase over national average attributable to a 6% decrease-substitution of water for soda in our students.

Distribution of Daily Beverage Consumption in HealthCorps Schools vs. National Average

Increased Vegetable Consumption

6 % increase in HC vs. 4% decrease by control group during the same period.

The Change in “Number of Servings of vegetables Eaten Yesterday” over School Year

Increased Sleep

Desert Healthcare District Study

By the end of the school year, our students had only decreased their adequate sleep (8+hours per night) by 13.7% as opposed to their peers who had a decrease of 31.5%.

Percentage of student getting at least 8 hours sleep every day at start and end of school year


Increased Performance

HealthCorps students participating in our cooking program:

  • Scored significantly higher on their SATs than their peers: reading (14%); math (9.2%); and writing (22%) than their peers.
  • Attended 9 days more of school than their peers.

Learning in Unexpected Places

Active Alliance

Through a partnership with California’s NBA teams — HealthCorps students reported:

  • Learning as much about resilience and nutrition (53%) as physical activity (47%) from professional athletes.
  • Learning what they considered practical life lessons through the resilience stories of professional athletes.
  • Improving their understanding of mental health, nutrition and exercise and their ability to translate that into tangible changes in their lives.
  • Favoring messages pertaining to nutrition over those pertaining to exercise.

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