September 2016: Letter from Alan Gass M.D.

Letter from Alan Gass M.D.  

Dear Coordinators,

On behalf of the Advisory board I would like to welcome the first years and wholeheartedly commend the second years for a job well done.

As a cardiologist taking care of those in need of a transplant I see the worst outcome of what obesity can do to your heart. By the time they see me there is usually little that I can do except stabilize them and put them on the list for a donor or place a heart assist device. This is why your role is so vital, as you can teach our children to not go down a pathway of no return.

Working for HealthCorps, you have the unique opportunity to prevent disease or alter its’ course so that young adults do not end up with heart disease. I see too many young patients having their arteries bypassed, their valves replaced or suffering the consequences of a stroke. Teenagers are being placed on cholesterol medications and lifelong drugs for high blood pressure.

Your mission is not easy – the schools are rough, the kids can be tough but the rewards will last a lifetime both for them and for you. Although you may not impact every student, if you reach just one it will change their family, their neighborhood, the community.

I have been with HealthCorps from the beginning and have witnessed incredible stories, true change and we now have scientific data to support your efforts. Healthcare in this country must change from delivering “care” to offering “health”. This is our vision and I thank you again for making it happen.

On a personal note, if I can be of any help, offer advice or come visit your school please don’t hesitate to reach out at gassa@wcmc.com. Have a wonderful year and I look forward to meeting all of you in the future.

With Warmest Regards,

gass alan

Alan Gass, M.D.


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