August 2016: Letter from the President

Letter from the President



As the summer winds down, thousands of HealthCorps students prepare for their first day of high school. Across America, our enterprising young Coordinators are preparing to welcome their students into the classrooms and introduce them to creative lessons on nutrition, fitness and mental resilience. This school year we will enhance: our polling in order to learn how young people really feel about today’s issues; our student engagement on social media to encourage them to share content with their peers. It’s going to be another exciting year of innovation for our Coordinators and staff. New Coordinators like Frances Adams , Courtney Baldwin , Anthony Grosso and Hana Stenson will discover that the work they are doing really counts. Take it from alumni like Alexandra Zenoff.

Although we never lose sight of our core focus on fitness, nutrition, and resilience, we will continue to address important issues related to overall wellness over the next twelve months. For example, we will launch an educational campaign to demystify and talk about the impact of organ donation. Please let us know if you or anyone close to you has had a personal experience with this life-saving issue.

I am often asked, “How can I help HealthCorps?” Let me count the ways 1) Sign up for and share our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat ID: HealthCorps, Pinterest, and YouTube.) 2) Introduce us to any contacts at a potential sponsor (michelle.marquez@healthcorps.org) 3) Send us great short content for our social media (layla.ronan@healthcorps.org) 4) Join our Gala Committee and commit to selling a table and procuring sponsors (rob.lunde@healthcorps.org) or (michelle.marquez@healthcorps.org) 5) Lend your expertise to mentor a Coordinator (Jessica.siler@healthcorps.org) 6) Donate great healthy stuff to students at our schools. (Jessica.siler@healthcorps.org) 7) Write an op-ed on our behalf (karen.johnson@healthcorps.org)

Keep sending your goodwill, and your generous support. It is making a difference in so many lives.

In Gratitude,

Michelle Bouchard


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