June 2016: Letter from the President

Letter from the President



The violence that shook America this week pulled us together once again. I am proud of America. As someone who lived through the horrors of 9/11, I know these events draw out the greatest in us. Our nation united, as it always has and always will, in support of anguished relatives, of brave [hostages] and innocent victims.

Yet we need more. We need more than momentary compassion – more than a momentary sense of duty – to bring us together. In the senseless wake of senseless killings we must take pause. We must remind ourselves of the civic duty that is incumbent on each of us living under the flag of this great nation. As we are united in mourning, so must we be united in a sense of hope.

At HealthCorps, we strive to create a generation of young people who are both strong and empathic — a generation which continues to respect and protect the rights of all people. Through lessons that include mindfulness, stress relief, anti-bullying and coping strategies for grief, we guide our students to becoming mentally resilient and tolerant people. America was built upon the strength of free discourse and tolerance and personal liberty. This is true strength.

In gratitude,

Michelle Bouchard


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