July 2016: Letter from the President

Letter from the President


Summer is no vacation for HealthCorps. Our education team is busy working on a revised version of our HealthCorps curriculum (in which we are integrating our partnership work with the NIH-NIDKK and Albert Einstein School of Medicine).

The team is also enhancing our online CK-12 curriculum as well as training our exciting new crop of Living Lab Coordinators. If you’re curious about who they are, you can follow the coordinators on Snapchat, or see our regular posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Some of our greatest success stories continue on through the work of our Coordinator Alums. Coordinators continue to impact lives far beyond their tenure at HealthCorps.

Over the course of this year, you’ll see many of these stories in the form of “Alumni Highlights” on our website. We hope you take the time to see how alums like, Dr. Tamara Bockow, now an accomplished neurologist at Harvard, are changing the world. We look forward to sharing more about HealthCorps in the classrooms when the school year begins.


In gratitude,

Michelle Bouchard


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