January 2016: Letter from the President

Letter from the President



When I was a child and I felt blue my mother would always say to me, “Lose yourself in a cause greater than yourself.  You’ll feel better.” This stuck with me throughout my life.  This is also one of the critical messages we teach young people.  From the MLK Day of Service that all our Living Lab high schools participate in to the Texas Two Step CPR free training of 20,000 participants across the Lone Star State, HealthCorps students, Coordinators and staff show up in a big way for the great cause of spreading health and happiness to their friends, families and communities.

Coordinators like Kyle Ross, featured below, lose themselves in service to their schools and students through mentoring, leading after and in school clubs and workshops and events like school health fairs. Our recently released two-year report as well as our “In America” short video contained in this newsletter give you a better glimpse into how our work is changing lives every day.  We could never do this without your generous ongoing support.  Thank you for losing yourself in this great cause – our future!

To help us continue our cause, please contact us at info@healthcorps.org.


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