April 2017: Letter from the President

Letter from the President



This year, our HealthCorps Gala drew $1.2 million in funding for programming – more than any year prior. We worked harder and went leaner than before, and it paid off. To all the friends and family of HealthCorps who were able to come, and to those who weren’t, we thank you. If you haven’t already, you can find your pictures here.

HealthCorps ambassador and celebrity chef, Rocco Di Spirito in his gracious acceptance speech for the Golden Heart Award said he loves HealthCorps because it gives him a chance to serve students in a hands on way. He can do more through HealthCorps.

This month, HealthCorps was featured by NPR – a first. We partnered with Atkins Nutritionals and taught our students about the dangers of hidden sugars through their cutting edge virtual reality technology. We have done more and gone further than we ever have before.

On Tuesday April 11, a man walked into an Elementary School in San Bernardino California and killed his wife and a nearby student before turning the gun on himself. Less than thirty minutes away, two HealthCorps high schools went about their daily lives. Despite the news trickling in, both Coordinators reported little to no conversation about the event. One of the Coordinators said that, “Sadly, I believe that crime, even homicide, is so common in this area that our community has become jaded.“ We all have. We all need to do more, and we will. As the school year wanes we at HealthCorps have a chance to look over our Curriculum, posit additions, and revise our direction. Which communities will we serve? How will we make the biggest difference? Right now we are working on a campaign to create empathy in classrooms across America. Here’s what we believe – that empathy can indeed save lives – and that’s what we do at HealthCorps – we save lives. Please join us in the journey forward.

In gratitude,

Michelle Bouchard


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