Spinach Smoothie Bowl from Healthy Bites & Tasty Delights

Posted 06/11/2018 | By Delphine Remy

By Delphine Remy

Spinach Smoothie Bowl from the HealthCorps Healthy Bites & Tasty Delights Cookbook!

Published 2018-06-11

Servings: 2
Prep Time:
Cook Time:


  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1 Pinch Vanilla Powder
  • 2 Tbsp. Cashew Butter
  • 1 Cup Plant-Based Milk
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Handfuls of Spinach
  • Yummy Toppings like berries, nuts, seeds, granola, etc.


  • Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth and creamy.
  • Add yummy toppings and ENJOY!

Read about the HealthCorps cooking club at the High School of Fashion Industries and Design making the Spinach Smoothie Bowl with Delphine Remy here

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