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Posted 10/03/2013 | By HealthCorps

On Wednesday September 4th, HealthCorps’ co-founder Dr. Mehmet Oz, visited Ginn Academy, an all-boys high school in Cleveland, Ohio.  During his visit, Dr. Oz spoke with students; met the Ginn Academy’s founder, Ted Ginn, and sat in on coordinator Jasmyne Jackson’s morning health class. You can see Dr. Oz in action, and read about the visit here.

On Wednesday, September 11th, HealthCorps University (HCU) participated in a national USDA webinar to discuss its work with West New York, New Jersey School District. Last year, West New York School District received the USDA Farm to School Grant, bringing in HCU to serve on their project in a consultative role.

Over the past year, HCU has worked with the Food Service Director, Sal Valenza, and the WNY team in planning for the design of a cross-discipline Farm to School curriculum in middle and high school. On this webinar, HCU staffers spoke with other Farm to School grant recipients from across the country about their program, curriculum, and how they achieved buy-in from school district members. Congratulations to HCU on this wonderful opportunity.

Finally, last month Teen Battle Chef (TBC) Elizabeth Cordero-Hernandez along with other TBC chefs, and with the help of Lynn Fredericks of Family Cook Productions, helped to jumpstart a new project that they named the “Canarsie Health Revolution.”  Its focus was to help the people of Canarsie to embrace snacks other than chips, which over time would hopefully translate into healthier eating patterns and basic food health awareness.  Read more about the success of this effort here.

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