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Posted 06/04/2014 | By HealthCorps

Tamara Barrett is a coordinator at University Heights High School. Tamara spearheaded a Staff Wellness Competition that ran during the months of March and April. The competition initially attracted 20 participants, and their enthusiasm helped to recruit some additional willing competitors. Teachers wore pedometers to help track their daily and weekly steps, while other challenges like Meatless Monday, Trampoline Tuesday and Feedback Friday offered opportunities to earn points. The friendly competition helped to further cement Tamara’s relationship with teachers at her school. Staff achieved notable health goals and the winner clocked in over 200 miles of walking!!!

A New York Times article featured a HealthCorps high school in a project called Classroom Connections. The article described two schools, barely six miles apart in New York City and yet so, so different. One school, University Heights, located in the South Bronx, part of one of the poorest congressional districts in America, is privileged to have the HealthCorps curriculum. The other school, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, is a costly private school. Over an eight year period, groups of students from each school have interacted and talked about race relations, gun control, shared field trips, and participated recently in an exercise called “radical empathy,” facilitating an exchange of stories between student groups worldwide. With mental resiliency a core feature of the HealthCorps curriculum, this authentic and creative program has further enhanced that messaging.

The Highway to Health in Houston was part of the Houston Earth Day Festival with highlights including students teaching community visitors gardening and how to make a terrarium, the Teen Battle Chef competition featuring a Mango Fresca Salsa, plus students performing a variety of acts on a live stage.

At North Bergen High School, coordinator Hiba Abousleiman has been spearheading changes in the school cafeteria. From the “Fat or Fiction” exchanges, where students learn the real deal on nutrition and sample a food with healthy fat, guacamole, to convincing the cafeteria manager to use swap outs like guacamole as a replacement for less healthier fare, Hiba is helping to change the high school health environment.

Victoria Lyon, a coordinator at Hiram Johnson High School in Sacramento, CA, collaborated with the physical education department in the high school, and the Sacramento Chinese Community Center, to organize the 4th annual Family Fitness Night event. Attendees enjoyed Zumba, yoga, Re-think your Drink, and Teen Battle Chef featured Quinoa Pudding and Chipotle-styled Quinoa. More events like this are sure to follow.

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