More Reasons to Stop Smoking

Posted 02/26/2014 | By HealthCorps

A recent Surgeon General’s report offered the sobering statistics that 20.8 million people have died from smoking-related illnesses since 1964, when the first Surgeon General’s report on smoking was issued. Today lung cancer is a top killer and women who smoke, have the same risk of dying, as men. Approximately 443,000 people die from smoking-related illness yearly in the US. Smoking during pregnancy can result in low birth-weight babies, and is associated with a higher risk of SIDS and cleft palate.

The National Cancer Institute for Smokefree Women is a project aimed specifically at women smokers, and its website offers the latest information, tools and guides, mobile aps, and “live help” to empower women to “kick butt now.” Smoking has an especially profound and negative impact on women’s health including:

• Decreased bone density
• Increasing the risk of RA, rheumatoid arthritis
• Increasing the risk of developing cataracts
• Promoting inflammatory gum disease, which is a singular risk factor for heart disease, and also an independent risk factor for stomach ulcer disease
• Increasing post-surgery complications and poor healing
• Promoting earlier menopause
• Interfering with fertility and getting pregnant

Did you know that:

1. Within just a few minutes after you smoke your last cigarette, your body already begins a healing process
2. The hardest place to “fight the urge to smoke” is at home
3. Exercise can help you to stay smoke free and fight the urge to smoke, while also boosting energy levels

When you decide to quit smoking you will have to battle serious cravings and you may also struggle with weight gain, since replacing smoking with emotional eating is quite common.

The Smokefree women campaign and website is an invaluable resource to help you commit to giving up smoking, and helping you to sustain that pledge. The website also offers a large compendium of information on women’s health, pregnancy and motherhood, balancing your mood and handling stress, weight management and overall strategies to better health.

The website motto? Quitting smoking, one craving at a time, one Monday at a time, one decision at a time. What have you got to lose except an ugly, unhealthy habit???

For more information, check out: http://women.smokefree.gov/

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