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Posted 06/17/2014 | By HealthCorps

Keep the room you work in cooler so you actually shiver a bit. Shivering releases the hormone irisin, which increases your metabolism and which also helps to burn calories.  Irisin is also released by muscles during exercise.

People who eat larger breakfasts lose more weight, according to recent research. One approach to having a bigger breakfast is to split the breakfast, so you have some fuel on board when you begin your exercise, and then, when your metabolic rate is elevated, thanks to your fitness regimen, eat the second half of breakfast. Include protein in “each half,” and make sure that you eat the pre-exercise meal at least 30 minutes before you exercise. One easy meal suggestion is a hard-boiled egg and half a banana before exercise, and a serving of Greek yogurt with nuts and berries after the workout.

Want to inspire a better workout? Say positive messages to yourself before the workout. Research suggests that if you start your workout with a positive attitude it will help you to plow through the fatigue and last longer.

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