Quick Tips to Keep You in the Fitness Know

Posted 10/10/2014 | By HealthCorps

It’s fine to aspire to be like other accomplished athletes, or to use famous athletes to inspire your goals.  But when it comes to your personal fitness efforts, it’s a good idea to compare yourself to yourself. Set goals so that you improve your own time or your ability to lift heavier weights, or train for incrementally longer runs. Once you hit each goal or milestone, take a moment to review your efforts and celebrate your accomplishments.

Remember to try and avoid accelerating as you face a downward run or a decline on the treadmill.  Accelerating down a hill can damage your knees due to the force of your weight on your lower extremities, especially your knee joints.

If you’re a runner, don’t forget to weight train your legs, your core, and your upper body muscles.  Some good lower body exercises are forward lunges, squats to jumps (plyometrics), pushups (incline and decline position), and doing a series of plank (static lower abdominal) exercises.

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