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Posted 07/08/2015 | By HealthCorps

Struggling with dieting? Maybe you need to embrace one single habit swap out at a time. A good first choice is committing to eat more fiber at every meal and snack. One study compared two groups of overweight subjects. One group adopted the rigorous American Heart Association Diet, while the other group aimed for 30 grams of fiber daily. Both groups lost similar amounts of weight (4-6 pounds after one year).

High fiber foods include whole grains, ancient grains, oatmeal, legumes and fruits and vegetables.

(Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, Feb. 17, 2015)

If you were diagnosed with diabetes type 2 then swapping your big meal from dinner to breakfast may improve your blood sugar levels. Eating a larger meal for breakfast and a smaller meal for dinner resulted in a 20% reduction in blood sugar levels throughout the day in a recent study that compared subjects who ate their biggest meal at breakfast, compared to subjects who ate the larger meal at dinnertime.

(Source: Diabetologia, March 2015)

Need motivation to stop smoking? In addition to lung cancer and premature death, new research has associated a regular smoking habit with kidney failure and poor intestinal blood flow. Kick butt now!!

(Source: New England Journal of Medicine, Feb. 12, 2015)

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