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Posted 03/25/2015 | By HealthCorps

Is eating close to bedtime a good or bad idea? You’ve been told not to go to bed on a full stomach because it can cause gastric reflux.  But if you go to sleep very hungry, you may experience low blood sugar levels, or wake up in the middle of the night hungry.  What’s an easy solution? Finish your meal at least four hours before bedtime.  Then if you are hungry close to bedtime, have a small snack like a handful of unprocessed nuts or a plain Greek yogurt.  Steer clear of processed snacks and foods with added sugar.

Should you tackle the easy stuff first or the tough stuff, on your to-do list? Most experts say tackle the tough stuff first.  That’s when you have the most energy and motivation, and it will likely invigorate you and help fuel you to tackling many more items on the list.  You’ll also have a great feeling of satisfaction as you cross the “big item” off your list.

Looking for some simple ingredient lists to create healthy, tasty dinners?  Here are some simple ingredient lists:

Try grilled shrimp, edamame, brown rice and broccoli.
Try grilled chicken, cubes of butternut squash, quinoa and sautéed kale.
Try hard boiled eggs, roasted red peppers, spinach leaves, kamut, and garbanzo beans
Try soy sautéed tofu, brown rice, steamed cauliflower and sundried tomatoes.

Final tip:  If you make a meal, “veg it up.”  Add vegetables to your next pizza, pasta, stew, soup or omelet.  And don’t forget to add fruit to yogurt, smoothies, cereal or breakfast dishes like waffles.

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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