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Posted 08/06/2014 | By HealthCorps

Do you travel a lot and feel challenged by trying to find healthier food on the road, or hotel accommodations with a gym, or fun attractions for the kids?

A new app, iExit will give you all these details about 100 exits ahead, so you can map out best choices.  You can now have a healthier trip and find local fun activities for the whole family!!

Love wraps but trying to cut down your carbohydrate (grain) calories?

Try using large lettuce leaves from iceberg lettuce, or cabbage leaves, or try Nori papers, which are made from seaweed, and very low in calories. Remember to wash all greens well before using.

Want tasty dressings without all the hidden ingredients you find in store-bought versions?

Turn to your blender and use olive oil or vegetable oil and wine vinegars as your base, adding in different varieties of herbs and spices.  Want to cream it up a bit? Blending avocado and adding it to dressing mixtures will boost the healthy fat and create a creamy texture. Just remember that even healthy homemade dressing needs portion control.

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