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Posted 11/13/2013 | By HealthCorps

The non-profit group, CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest), recently completed a study on the costs of healthy food, and the results were quite encouraging.   After reviewing 20 snacks and side dishes, including fruits and vegetables, they found that snack foods containing cookies and M&Ms actually cost almost double the price of similar portion sizes of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Processed side dishes like ready-made stuffing cost on average more than a better-for-you option, like roasted summer squash (prepared at home).  The clear message is that buying whole foods and preparing simple recipes at home is a better financial and health opportunity.

(July 2013 issue, CSPI Nutrition Action Healthletter)

If you have high blood pressure and a high total cholesterol count, then getting both under control can slash your risk of heart disease by 50%, according to a new study.  Controlling just high BP, results in a risk lowering impact of about 20-25%, while just controlling cholesterol will slash heart disease risk by 35-40%. In this case, “go for the gold” and create a diet and exercise plan that improves both parameters.

(Journal Circulation, July 2, 2013 issue)

If your guy is regularly skipping breakfast, then he may be increasing his risk of heart disease by about 27%, according to a recent study.   A healthy smoothie, an egg white omelet wrap, even a healthy nutrition bar on the run, can offer a breakfast option that lowers this risk.  Make sure your weekly grocery list includes healthy quick grab breakfast options.

(Journal Circulation, July 2, 2013)

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