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Posted 10/09/2013 | By HealthCorps

Love to eat garlic, which is so good for your health, but hate the lingering bad breath?  You can alleviate the problem by having pasta or rice, mushrooms, fresh fruit and lots of water, which will help to counterbalance the sulfur compounds produced during digestion of garlic.

Does whole wheat bread also raise blood sugar dramatically, or is it a better choice than highly refined white bread?  All breads impact blood sugar levels, but 100% whole wheat bread has no refined grains, and has on average 2-3 grams of fiber per serving, so it is a healthier choice compared to white or processed breads.  Just beware – a serving can have as much as 200 mgs of sodium per serving

Will taking buffered aspirin help you avoid the risk of an ulcer, if you routinely use aspirin daily? Buffered aspirin contains an antacid, which helps to reduce gastric irritation, but it does not completely remove the risk of developing an ulcer.  Enteric-coated aspirin, which is also called “coated” aspirin can also reduce gastric irritation, and is absorbed more slowly.  To lower overall risk of developing an ulcer, ask your doctor if you can reduce the frequency of use and/or lower the dose of aspirin you are currently taking.

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