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Posted 05/02/2014 | By HealthCorps

Runners who switch off between two pairs of running shoes, compared to those who lace up with the same pair, lowered their risk of injury by 39%. Using different styles of shoes, that address your specific needs, can redistribute the impact that transmits through your foot as you run, and may also help to lessen the stress placed on your joints as you pound the running surface.  (Source: Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports)

Your workout should leave your muscles “gently sore.” If you are absolutely incapacitated with pain after an upper or lower body workout, you may have hit the weight training too hard.  Icing the areas, taking a dose or two of ibuprofen, and actually gently moving the area (a stroll or walk for lower body soreness or slowly swinging and stretching your arms for the upper body) can also help you to tolerate the pain, and help it to resolve a bit more quickly. Include ginger in drinks and foods post workout, to help relieve the pain.

Using cinnamon can help to modulate your blood sugar. Did you know that cinnamon can also help to strengthen your bones because it’s a source of the mineral manganese? Manganese is one of several minerals that helps to support and maintain bone density. Add cinnamon to cereal, smoothies, home-baked muffins, yogurt, even to whole-grain rice dishes. When you bake apples, remember to sprinkle cinnamon on top!

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