Project De-Stress at Coral Gables High School

Posted 10/06/2016 | By HealthCorps

Jamie Desrameaux, Miami, FL

School: Coral Gables High School

Funder: HealthCorps

When Coordinators Jamie Desrameaux and Amber Rideout discovered their students were struggling with mental health and reporting high levels of stress, they decided to create a “HealthCorps De-Stress Bucket” for their students.

Jamie placed the De-Stress bucket on her desk so it was available to students and staff at any time.  At Coral Gables, students came in during their lunch periods and after school. They could be found talking to Ms. J, while coloring or playing with the stress ball that changes color whenever it’s squeezed. The “HealthCorps De-Stress” bucket contains a coloring book, coloring pencils, a squishable globe, play dough, a stress ball that changes color, bounceball and a stringy ball. It has been such as success that students have asked for one to be in each classroom. They’ve also asked that Jamie add more items to her collection.

Student Dariana Sedeno had this to say about project de-stress, “I felt a stress level of eight when I was thinking about homework. Now that I’m in your office and I’m coloring, I’m at a stress level of 2. My minds not on homework anymore. I’m chill.”

“I’ve seen at least ten students over the past month come into my office specifically to use the “HealthCorps De-Stress Bucket,” says Coordinator Jamie Desrameaux. “I don’t think I could’ve planned on it being such an effective tool to help students be mindful and be open about the issues they’re facing.”


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