Picking the Right Nutrition Bar

Posted 09/15/2015 | By HealthCorps

Nutrition bars can provide a quick and portable way to get a boost of protein, but many bars are close relatives to candy bars, high in sugar, loaded with too many ingredients (often artificial preservatives) and some are way too high in calories for the average consumer. Parents may think all nutrition bars are created equal, but many bars simply don’t meet basic and healthy nutrition guidelines.

If you’re motivated to make your own bars, you should look for recipes that include pea, whey or another form of healthy protein base, and the recipe should include ingredients like oats, quinoa flakes, nuts, small amounts of dried fruit, seeds, quinoa flakes, as well as healthy binder like a nut or seed butter. You can find loads of healthy recipes online. There are also companies online that allow you to order personalized bars made from an ingredient list that they provide.

If you want to buy ready-made nutrition bars then use 150 calories as the maximal “snack” calorie amount for most kids and teens. If the bar is closer to 200 or more calories then consider adding a fruit and skim or nut milk to make it a small meal. Examine the nutrition facts label and aim for 10 or more grams of protein, only 5-6 grams of sugar– you’ll probably find fewer bars meet those guidelines. Also look for significant levels of fiber. Other ingredients you can search for include chia seeds, fish oil, nut butter and real dried fruit.

This Chickpea Protein Bars recipe has all the right ingredients and at 135 calories it has the perfect calorie count for an energizing snack bar!!

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