Peanut Butter a Winner for Girls and Breast Cancer Risk

Posted 03/19/2014 | By HealthCorps

You should be especially choosy when selecting nuts or nut butters.  Look for labels with simple ingredients, no added sugar or salt, and if possible, grind the nuts for nut butter yourself.  Stores like Whole Foods have a grinder and fresh nuts, so you can make your own fresh nut butter, and opt for no additives.

Why is including nut butter in your diet a good choice?  Unprocessed nut butter is packed with protein and healthy fats and it pairs well with bread, crackers, fruit and even celery.  So it’s perfect for a meal or a snack.

One excellent source of protein and healthy fat are walnuts.  In fact, a Huffington Post article in 2012, highlighted the possible healthy impact walnuts could have on improving sperm (Biology of Reproduction study).  Walnuts are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, help to lower cholesterol, may lower the risk of breast cancer, and ranked as one of the top nuts that support heart health!!  Remember that walnuts are great on salads, cereal, yogurt and as a crunchy topping on healthy baked muffins and even turkey meatloaf!

Quick tip:  There’s a new yogurt in town called Skyr, and it packs even more protein than traditional Greek yogurt.  It’s ultra-thick and creamy and hails from Iceland.  Look for Smari, one brand, to hit the market soon.  It’s made from grass-fed cows, and the plain version has 100 calories per serving.  It also comes in strawberry, blueberry and vanilla, fat free, low in sugar and organic.

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