Ouch, Ouch my Aching Back….Try Walking!!

Posted 08/16/2013 | By HealthCorps

Recently, researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel discovered that a home-based walking program might improve back pain, when compared to a more rigorous weight training exercise regimen.

The study looked at 52 adults, ages 18-65, all experiencing ongoing, chronic back pain.  The group was split in two, with half assigned to a moderate intensity treadmill walking formula, and the second group assigned specific weight training exercise geared to improve lower back strength.  The researchers assessed pain reduction with questionnaires and certain physical testing assessments that looked at improvements in walking ability, pain perception, and fear of movement (often associated with both acute and long term back pain).

The results showed that a six week walking program was as effective as the strength training program for low back pain.  If you suffer with chronic back pain, talk to your doctor about the benefits of a walking and/or exercise program.

(Source: Clinical Rehabilitation (2013; 27 (3), 207-214)

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