Organ Donation a Personal Campaign for Past U.S. Surgeon General

Posted 12/21/2016 | By HealthCorps

Organ and tissue donation became a very personal issue for U.S. Deputy Surgeon General, Rear Admiral Kenneth P. Moritsugu after his wife and daughter were both killed in separate car accidents four years apart.  He lost his wife in an automobile accident in 1992.  His daughter was killed in a car accident in 1996.  Both were designated organ and tissue donors.  Appointed Deputy Surgeon General in 1998, he became a dedicated advocate for organ and tissue donation and transplantation.  He became acting Surgeon General on July 31, 2006.

In a recent interview posted on YouTube he reflected on the two separate tragedies that happened over 20 years ago and the fact that as a doctor, he had always been a staunch supporter of organ and tissue donation.  The death of his wife and daughter were tremendously challenging, but at the same time he was also deeply moved by the reality that each loss provided an opportunity to save and change the lives of others.  He was able to draw positive feelings from having provided the gift of life to others, especially during the early days of loss and grief.

During the winter months, Christmas and Chanukah are holidays that value family and giving, so this is also the perfect time to consider becoming an organ and tissue donor.

Let this story inspire you to sign up and become an organ and tissue donor.  You have the power to save lives.

And since the holidays are literally here, use these tips to keep the holiday festive and “light:”

  • Thanksgivingwas only weeks ago and it’s already time for another calorie-heavy holiday meal. Without being bah humbug, you can eliminate the stress that accompanies trying to please guests, while offering healthier, tasty Christmas classics. Main dishes and more……
  • Since this is one of the major holidays where the whole family gathers, consider creating a family health tree….
  • Make sure to fit in some fitness activities daily to help balance the extra calories you are likely to consume.
  • Limit liquid calories which rarely fill you up but typically clock in as high calorie, filled with loads of sugar and fat.
  • Keep the protein left overs like a main entrée of turkey or ham which can be used in salads, sandwiches and soup the next day. Give the high calorie leftovers to family and friends.

Happy Holidays!!

Learn more about becoming an organ and tissue donor.

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