Olympians Burn More than Just Torches

Posted 08/03/2012 | By HealthCorps

The 2012 London Olympic games have had their fair share of triumphs- from its comprehensive social media coverage to Michael Phelps breaking the record for most career medals of any Olympian. Athletes from all over the world train their whole lives for a shot at the gold and only the best walk away victorious. Despite the amount of medals won, all athletes can celebrate how many calories they successfully burn throughout the Games.

Serena Williams, for example, has the capacity to burn roughly 1,539 calories during a typical three hour best-of-three-sets match. This equates to about “slightly less than eight blueberry Poptarts.” (Hauser)

Based on his 185 pound frame, Michael Phelps could burn about 27 calories in two minutes during the 200M Butterfly event.  While it may not sound like a lot, that’s almost as much as a quarter ounce of spaghetti!

Usain Bolt, who holds the record for the 100M dash at an impressive 9.72 seconds, torches about 3.6 calories in this short amount of time. That’s almost 3 calories a second!

While it should not come as a surprise that these super athletes can accomplish so much while barely breaking a sweat, these Olympians are giving us more reasons to aspire to be like them.

Source: http://www.everydayhealth.com/fitness-pictures/how-many-calories-do-olympians-burn.aspx?xid=fb_EH_sf#/slide-1

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