October is California Walnut Month and Harvest is Underway.

Posted 10/09/2012 | By HealthCorps

California walnuts are harvested from late August to November from orchards throughout the state’s Central Valley. These freshly harvested walnuts will make their way to grocery store shelves just in time for the holiday season.

When it comes to good nutrition, as natural defenders of the human body, walnuts have shown promising cancer-fighting ability. Walnuts have multiple components that individually have been shown to be beneficial against cancer including antioxidants, phytosterols and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the plant-based omega-3 fatty acid. However, researcher Dr. Elaine Hardman at Marshall University’s Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine believes that it is the whole walnut, not just one element of the walnut, which provided the benefit against cancer.  “If I tried to strip the walnut apart, I wouldn’t see the same benefit,” states Dr. Hardman.

The convenience, flavor and versatility of walnuts combined with their unique nutrient profile make them an ideal ingredient and snack.  For more nutrition information and delicious fall recipe ideas, from salads to fall stuffing to soups, visit here!

How do you store walnuts?  Store shelled walnuts in a sealed container in a cool place, with low moisture and away from sunlight. Refrigerator storage is good, but if you have larger quantities, freezer storage is best.  Walnuts from opened packages keep well for up to six months when they are cold (refrigerator) stored in sealed containers.  When kept in the freezer, walnuts are good to eat up to a year.

If you are going to use the walnuts right away, place them in your refrigerator or in a cool, dry pantry.  If you will be storing them for a month or longer, store walnuts in your freezer.  For more tips on how to buy, care for and store walnuts, check this out!

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